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About BDT

Facts about BDT Storage GmbH

BDT Storage GmbH is the leading manufacturer in the area of tape automation in the lower and middle segment and has been serving the major IT manufacturers as an OEM for 30 years.

About BDT

Print Media GmbH



In 2016 the business division ”Print Media Handling“ becomes independent.

Management team

Ralf Hipp

Dr. Holger Rath

BDT group

BDT Media Automation GmbH



1967 by Helmut Steinhilber

Supervisory and Management Board

Friedhelm Steinhilber
(Chairman of the board)

Dr. Holger Rath
(Chief Executive Officer)


Approx. 360 employees worldwide


Seven locations worldwide

Innovative strength

Currently 35 valid patents 

Efficient and gentle into the future

The market environment of BDT promises growth

About BDT

BDT group

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